At A Dog's World in Hawthorne, we break all the rules of a traditional kennel or boarding facility. We understand that dogs need their exercise. Play keeps a dog's mind and body active and builds healthier, happier, and better behaving pups. Boredom can lead to destructive behavior like chewing, licking, digging or barking.

Every day at our doggie daycare we provide dogs with stimulation, interaction, play time, nap time, and TLC.

A Dog's World ensures a clean, healthy, fun and nurturing environment that dogs look forward to. 

At A Dog's World, we pride ourselves on our commitment to outstanding service. Our facility serves as the home away from home where your dogs become our staff's extended family.

We like to refer to ourselves as an "unkennel" where unlike typical boarding establishments, your dog does not spend all day cooped up in a kennel. Each dog not only enjoys their time at A Dog's World, but looks forward to it.


"Fabulous pet care! I absolutely love A Dog's World. I send my puppy to doggie day care while I'm at work 5 days a week. While at day care, she has learned how to play with other dogs, walk on a leash, and she's been house-broken. The owner treats the dogs as if they are her own. She takes them out for fresh air and plays with them all day. The prices are very reasonable and she offers full-time or part-time day care. The facility is very clean and the dogs have clean beds, blankets, and a lot of toys to play with. She keeps the puppies and the bigger dogs separate until she feels they are able to play safely with one another. On days when there are not a lot of dogs, she even takes my dog for a walk in the park. I love knowing that my dog is safe and well cared for while I'm at work all day. I would highly recommend this business to anyone looking for a fun, clean, and safe doggie day care facility for their dog." 

-V K.

"Just dropped Bailey off this morning. When I tell him he is going to see his dog friends he runs to the car and can't wait to go. So happy he loves it. Never thought I would see the day he would be able to play with other dogs - big and small - and behave so well. Thanks Dee and Sev! We love you!" 

-Gail B.


"The best doggie day care by far! Dee treats each dog like her own. We brought our puppy to her daily and she not only had him socialized with other dogs, but helped us better understand how to potty train him successfully. Highly recommended!"  

-Kathleen W.

"Just want to give a big thank you to Dee and her niece for taking care of Georgia so wonderfully while we were on vacation. To anyone that's going on vacation and wants to leave their dog at a wonderful place, get in contact with A Dog's World - no place better to leave your pet!"

-Deborah S.


"Bella loves going to see Dee! She goes twice a week and it is money well spent. We get a happy and tired puppy back each time. Love watching the videos on Facebook!" 



A Dog's World

468 Lafayette Ave

Hawthorne, NJ 07506